How to Install a Boat Bimini Top


How to Install a Boat Bimini Top

How to Install a Boat Bimini Top

Installing a boat bimini top on your boat is an inexpensive and easy way to make your time on the water more comfortable. Boat biminis provide shade from the sun and cover from the rain. Best of all, installation is easy. In this article we will show you how to choose the correct size bimini for your boat, how to assemble your bimini, and how to install it. If you'd prefer to watch a video, the full how-to video is provided below.

Measuring, Unboxing, and Materials

To determine what width of bimini top you need, measure the width between your two mounting points across your boat’s beam. Your mounting points should be located at the center of your desired area of coverage.


If your bimini is 6’ long, you can expect 3’ of coverage on either side of the mounting point.

Open the box and ensure your package is complete using the component list included with your bimini.

Gather the materials and tools you will need to perform the assembly and installation.



1. Lay the fabric out upside down with the sleeves up, and slide the bows (cross bars) into the sleeves.

2. Connect secondary bow support tubes to the main bow support tubes by inserting the eye end of the secondary bow support into the main bow support jaw slide, lining up the bolt holes. Insert the bolt and tighten. Repeat this for the other secondary bow supports.


3. Snap the frame into the bows. For each join, line up the locking pin on the bow with the hole on the bow support end. Press the spring-loaded locking pin and insert the smaller tube into the larger until the pin locks into the hole.


4. Attach the straps to the remaining jaw slides



1. To install your assembled bimini, set a deck hinge on each mounting point, and draw drill holes onto the gunwale or masking tape.


2. Check that the area under the gunwale mounting point is clear of wires or anything that may be damaged by the drill bit.

3. Carefully drill the mounting holes and secure the deck hinge with the provided screws.

4. Place the assembled, folded up bimini top onto the boat, oriented with the bows and sleeves down.


5. Fit the eye ends of the main bow support to the deck hinges and secure each connection with provided thumb bolts.


6. Measure the strap anchor points by unfolding the bimini into the fully deployed position and extending a strap on one side of the boat to a point on the gunwale that holds the bimini in this position. The strap should angle away from the top. Mark this location and measure to duplicate it on the other side of the boat. Drill holes and install the saddle anchors.


Job Done!

Congratulations, your bimini is now installed! To store your bimini when not in use, unclip the straps and allow the bimini to fold towards the stern of the boat.

Use the included storage cover, or boot, to protect your bimini from the elements.

Please note that your bimini top may differ from those discussed here, always refer to the installation instructions that came with your bimini.