The use and characteristics of stainless steel glass clamp


Stainless steel glass clamp is composed of jointing claw, jointing joint, base and other components. Jointing claw is an important tool for connecting glass curtain wall. The following details about the use of stainless steel glass clamp, characteristics and prices.


First look at the use of stainless steel glass clip.

With the rapid development of the construction industry, the facade of the building is also changing with each passing day, and the glass curtain wall is widely used in the construction industry. Glass curtain walls are widely used in various fields. The connecting claws play a role in connecting the glass curtain wall, so that the pieces of glass are connected together. Performance description: The glass curtain wall connected by connecting claws has a transparent appearance. Because there is no wall, the lighting is good, and the indoor space can be integrated with the outdoor environment. The supporting structure of the connecting claw is diverse, which can meet the needs of different building structures and decorative effects. The connecting claws are connected by ball joints, which have the ability to absorb deformation and ensure great safety.

Look again at the characteristics of stainless steel glass clamp.

Stainless steel glass clip design alone way, can apply the glass of any size thickness, want to grow screw length only, column of baluster of stainless steel balcony: bracket design is unique, do not show craftsmanship, cent is flat and arc two kinds, radian is 42.4 or 50.8.

Mirror light, matte, matte and other effects; We can process all kinds of jointing claw according to customer requirements.

Fine stainless steel treated by drawing and mirror light, applicable range: 8-12mm tempered glass.