About Precision casting


Investment casting is also called lost wax casting. Its products are precise, complex and close to the final shape of parts. It can be used directly without processing or with little processing. Therefore, investment casting is an advanced technology of near net shape forming.

Precision casting is a casting method relative to the traditional casting process. It can obtain relatively accurate shape and high casting precision. The more common method is: first make the required blank (can leave a very small margin or no margin) of the electrode, and then use the electrode corrosion mold to form a cavity. The original wax pattern was obtained by casting wax. The wax mould is coated with high temperature resistant liquid sand layer by layer. After enough thickness is obtained, it is dried and heated to melt the wax pattern inside to obtain the same cavity as the blank. Then cast the molten iron in the mold cavity, and peel off the shell after solidification to obtain the finished product of precision manufacturing